It's awful that it's become this, especially that while it has a con-like atmosphere, it's a trade show filled with "supposed" professionals, of either side of the gaming world, to investors, marketers and the like. People who are supposed to know how to behave and how to treat their fellow professionals at events… » 6/19/13 12:37pm 6/19/13 12:37pm

No screenshots, no concept art, no video... no buy-in. I recommend others follow the same route. This just screams "Hey guys, remember how I made Elite back in the day? I might make it again, but I need all your monies first." Kickstarter isn't a test-bed to gauge interest in a product, it's where already refined… » 11/06/12 9:57am 11/06/12 9:57am

In other awesome indie release date news today, I'm totally stoked that on October 23rd, the only things standing in the way of Hotline Miami are Medal of Honor Warfighter, Forza Horizon, and Killzone Trilogy. I know which one I'll be playing all day. » 10/08/12 7:04pm 10/08/12 7:04pm